Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Matt, Liz and Madeline

I have been reading this blog for a while. It is a story of a man who celebrated the birth of his daughter one day and experienced the death of his wife the next. The story is sad, but it is inspirational, too.

In a time when he could have ran and hidden from the world, Matt used his blog to voice his feelings, vent his frustrations and share his experience as a single father. I love that he's keeping Liz's memory alive and that he wears her wedding rings. I admire Matt for how he has chosen to keep moving forward and his decision to help others with the donations received through Liz's foundation. I think his actions speak volumes to the kind of person Matt is and the way he lives.

Matt's love and devotion to Maddy is so heartwarming. I know raising Maddy on his own wasn't the plan, but Matt is doing the best he can and he is doing it well.

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