Thursday, March 5, 2009

I live across the street from a cemetery and every time I look out my front window I see the cemetery. On most days there isn't much going occasional visitor or car driving through. I try not to invade the privacy of those who visit their departed loved ones by looking out my window if I glance up and see car parked there. It's not that they know I see them but I feel like I am somehow being disrespectful to them, so I try not to look.

It's been hard not to look outside today, it's beautiful out...but there has been a lot of people visiting one grave site. It's a grave site that weighs heavily on me. It's the grave a 40 year old mother of five. I did not have the opportunity to meet Kathy when she was alive, but have thought a lot about her & her family since learning about her a year ago today. Kathy was a teacher at my two older daughter's school. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer just before she delivered her fifth child. She fought a brave battle and went through every treatment she could in hopes something would save her life. Unfortunately, the cancer had metastasized and only a miracle could have saved her.

Based on what I have read and heard about Kathy, she touched the lives of so many people and was well-loved by those who knew her. Here is part of a song that one of her fellow teachers wrote in her honor...

"This Angel that we knew was such a gift you see. She blessed each of our hearts and souls; she lived a life so free. This Angel flew on earth, and now she flies above. And when our thoughts turn to her, our hearts are filled with love." (Lyrics from "Angel (for Kathy") from Candle of Hope: Remembering and Celebrating Kathy Luby)

I think it's wonderful that Kathy is remembered so fondly and left those who knew her with so many memories...what a legacy for her children.

I wish I would have had the opportunity to meet Kathy, but since I never had the honor I will take away what I can from the way she lived life...

I will live life fully, I will love deeply & adore my family, I will try to inspire and bless those around me, and make the most out of each day I am blessed to have.

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  1. What a great reminder for all of us to be grateful for every precious moment.