Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I am determined to make some changes in my life. Some of these changes will likely be easier than others, but that's okay. I am up for the challenge.

I am choosing to lead a healthier lifestyle and to exercise on a regular basis. It's not about a number on a scale...it's about feeling good about myself and being able to do what I want to do whether it's sky diving, running a marathon or playing in the yard with my girls.

I will find time to pursue outside interests. I love my girls, but need a little me time. I will be a better parent for it.

I will continue to re-connect with old friends and try to make new friends while maintaining the relationships I do have. I have some wonderful friends, but most are in another state or country and it would be nice to have a few here.

I am sure there are more changes I can make, but this is my starting point.


  1. We seem to be at a very similar station in life. I wish we lived a few thousand miles closer to each other so we could do it together.

  2. You've set some of the same goals that I aspire to reach for myself.

    I haven't felt like myself physically for a few years, and I'd like to find the old me. This means taking better care of myself through diet and excercise, in order to feel happy in my own skin again.

    I need to learn to take some "me" time, and to do this I plan to get back to my first love - horses. As you know, I have 2 beautiful girls standing out in my field, and I'm sure they've been feeling sad and neglected since my two-legged babies have arrived. I will be spending more time with them, and starting to ride again (once the weather warms up a bit) - maybe you could find some equine friends to spend time with, and we can work on this "resolution" together?

    As for friends - I need to start looking in different circles. The same old "friends" that we've had for years have all seemed to go in different directions and don't seem to have time to get together anymore. This often leaves us "out of the loop" and at home by ourselves...if only my online girls were closer!