Friday, July 10, 2009


Here is my entry for the Round Robin Challenge.

My photo was to depict Silence.

Do you hear the silence?

I do. :)


  1. Hi Kelly :)

    Welcome to the Round Robin Challenges, my name is Carly. Lovely, lovely, love photo of a Great Egret! I am so pleased you joined us for this round, and I hope you will be able to join us again for future challenges!

    We don't actually play the challenge until tomorrow, we ask our players to post their challenge entry on the day of the challenge or if you can't on that specific day, then anytime up to one week late, but not prior. Since today isn't the challenge date, tomorrow is, we will link to you then. It's your first time playing, so no worries, we all had a first time playing, but for future challenges you may want to wait until the challenge date. :)

    If you have any questions about how to play or if you have an idea for a future challenge feel free to contact me at and I will be happy to assist you. :)

    Once again, WELCOME, and be sure to chech the RR blog on Sunday to learn the topic of our next challenge!

    All my best, Carly

  2. Beautiful shot of the Heron! And yes when I've spotted herons in the early morning hours it always seems to be very quiet! Have a nice weekend...

  3. that is a gorgeous bird; I loved how you captured its reflection; very nicely done! welcome to the Round Robin challenges!


  4. Great to have you onboard, welcome to the Round Robin Photo Challenges.

    Indeed, I see silence in your photo, great capture. Please do continue to participate, it's great fun. I value your comment as well, do drop by as well.

    Have a great weekend....sending you well wishes from Hong Kong.

  5. Truly a depiction of silence, with the beautiful bird standing in the water. Nice job, and welcome to the Robins!

  6. Beautiful shot, love the reflection. These birds are so elegant to photograph. Welcome, hope to see you back again.

  7. I not only heard the silence, I felt it!
    Thank you!

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  9. Wow. I didn't mean that to post three times. I kept getting an error that they weren't posting. Can you please delete the dups, if possible on your end. Sorry about that.

  10. I do actually hear the silence. :) Lovely reflection too!

  11. Thank you all for your comments. I appreciate being so kindly welcomed into the Round Robin Challenges. I will most definitely continue to participate!

    I look forward to looking at all of your photos. :)

  12. Love it..

    Makes me feel quite peaceful!

  13. Nice shot! I really can hear the silence :-)