Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sweetsauer Photo Hunt #2

I found out about this photo hunt from NicoleB's blog. Hope you enjoy! :)

Sweetsauer set up a website for the photo challenge. It is here.

1. A View from Above (looking down) - a dragonfly on a stump.

2. A Macro Shot - Monarch on a milkweed.

3. Laughter - My darling daughters enjoying the pool.

4. Relaxation - Buck relaxing by the front step.

5. A Celebration (archive photo) - Julia's second birthday.

6. A Sunset

7. Sun/Lens Flare

8. A Bridge - an old bridge for a train.

9. A Shadow - Running puppy. :)

10. A Garden - A little garden, 3 feet by 3 feet.

11. A Park - The Gazebo at the Children's park.

12. A Street Scene - Downtown Lake Orion.

13. Signage -

14. A Summer Activity - Playing catch.

15. A Summer Treat - Mmm, cherry popscile.

16. Earth -

17. Air/Wind - Wind surfing on the lake.

18. Fire -

19. Water - Rain droplets.

20. Something Vintage (pre-1980) -

21. Something made of Wood - Old wagon wheel.

22. Something made of Glass - Antique glass marbles.

23. Something that Floats - A rubber duck in the pool.

24. Something Railroad related - Train tracks.

25. Something Round - Found this pretty little flower by my favorite walking trail. My girls thought the center would be the perfect 'round' photo.


  1. nice pictures! I like your vintage car and your puppy relaxing.

  2. I love the simplicity of your Earth photo. The wagon wheel is really nice too.

  3. Thank you so much for the compliments! I really appreciate them. :)

  4. i love the sunset, sunflare and the railroad related pic the mst. well done here

  5. your Earth shot is stunning! So simple but it captures Earth in all forms :) wonderful

  6. Mother to five beautiful girls? Wow!! I can't believe you had time to do this!! That's seriously impressive. And on top of all that work, do you also have a puppy? That might be someone else's, but if you are doing the puppy thing right now on top of everything else -- I bow to you. :)

    Onto your photos -- I got excited when I first opened the link to your entry because the were great, making me eager to see the rest. Your remaining photos didn't disappoint either! Your puppy, Buck, is darling. SO CUTE!! I like the shadow and relaxation ones you did with him. (I'm sure he's a favorite photography subject right now. They grow fast. So, get as many pictures as you can while he's that small.) Other favorites -- something made of wood and something vintage. Great job!!

  7. macro, relaxation, water, wood, railroad were my favorites. the perspective on the railroad shot really captured my attention and i like the sun coming across the water in the sun/lens flare shot. very cool collection!

  8. Great pics...really liked #2, 6 and 16.

  9. I think everyone's sunset shots are my favorites. Love your relaxation one too- cute dog!

  10. my second round here. still looking at yr railroad pic. i like it a lot although i dont know why. mayb becos of structure, composition or perhaps it is the perspective or the angle.

  11. wow that was some dragonfly, and your shot of fire was very unique. You’re hunt results were wonderful. Here’s my hunt hope you can stop by!

  12. I really like your fire shot and your sun flare. And your puppy is adorable too. ☺

  13. Bengbeng ~ Thank you. :)

    Ang ~ I almost didn't post the Earth photo. Thought it was a too simple. I am glad to hear it's liked.

    Samara ~ Yes, I am busy. :) Five girls, a puppy and a husband who has been doing a lot of international travel recently, doesn't leave much time for anything else. I am trying to get as many photos of Buck as I can, but he's not a willing subject most of the time. Just to wiggly! :)

    Thanks for the compliments on my photos. My second daughter wanted the car to be my vintage photo. She wants to buy it!

    Faith ~ Those photos are some of my favorites, too.

    Dana ~ Thank you. :)

    Jamie ~ Again, some of my favorites. :)

    Anne ~ Buck doesn't sit still long, but when he does he really relaxes.

    Kaye ~ I liked the fire shot, too. Thought it was quite neat with the firewood pile behind the fire.

    Alexa ~ I had to look up how to take a sun flare photo. It took a little practice, but I was excited to capture that one.

    I haven't been online a lot, so I am off to look at everyone's photos.

    Thank you for all the compliments. I am quite honored by them. :)

  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! It takes awhile to get through everyone's photos for these things, huh? Hey, I saw on your profile that you're in Michigan. I'm in Arizona now, but I am from MI, too. Grew up in Eaton Rapids, between Lansing and Jackson. Then lived in Lansing and Jackson for four years. What area in the state do you live?

  15. What a beautiful collection :D!
    I love the first dog shot and the wheel.
    I think those two are my Total Favs :)!

  16. Hi Kelly, I got your comment and added you to the participants for my july mini-hunt. Thanks for joining!

  17. fantastic collection!

    Glad to have you join our next photo hunt for July!


  18. Your collection is so great! Enjoy them all very much, cannot choice any special favs. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  19. Hi Kelly,

    I know Lake Orion well. Friends of mine use to live on the lake, spent many hours fishing and boating there. I really like your list as well, especially your view from above, resting, sunset, I think that's the bridge on Indianwood Road, and the '55 Nomad shots. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my pics.

  20. I love them all! The fire one scares me though. :) Hope nothing got burned that shouldn't have.