Sunday, May 31, 2009

Scavenger Hunt

My friend Boo introduced me to a scavenger hunt at Nicole B's when she joined the fun in late April. I hesitated in joining at first, but decided a little over a week ago to join. (Nicole B. - I take part!) I had a lot of fun looking for the items on the list and am looking forward to the next one.

Here are my photos, hope you enjoy!

1. A souvenir - a little pair of wooden shoes from the Holland Tulip Festival in Holland, MI.

2. A fish - I had no luck taking a photo of a live fish, so my daughter found this cute one in a book.

3. A religious building - The Methodist Church of Lake Orion.

4. A fire department - Orion Township Fire Department #2

5. A manhole cover - It's located in my front yard. I like the design on it!

6. A postcard - I bought to send to a friend in South Africa.

7. Water - This is an old mill sight near my favorite walking trail.

8. A communication device - This phone was my mom and dad's first home telephone. I loved playing with it as a child. I broke it when we moved and am still sad that I did.

9. A Life event - My precious little one standing for the first time. She's determined to grow up too fast!

10. A foreign stamp - My lovely friend, Kerren sent my girls a calendar from South Africa with photos of amazing animals in it. These were a few of the stamps from the package.

11. A tree - It sits across the road from my house.

12. The living space of a non-human - I love the swan and her cygnets. I hope to get photos of them all on the lake soon.

13. A street mirror - It was my first photo for the scavenger hunt. I was so excited to have found it!

14. A decoration fixed on a house - I had a hard time finding a decoration fixed on a house, so when I saw this I knew it was not time to be picky.

15. A foreign flag - The German flag.

16. A fire - I love this photo! It's one of my favorites.

17. An antenna - I had hoped to find something more interesting, but luck was not on my just a plain old antenna.

18. A phone booth - This was a challenge. Luckily my daughter saw this phone booth last night.

*What was almost my phone booth photo - My attempt to be creative - a photo of my phone in a booth at McDonald's, just in case I didn't find a phone booth. (Yes, I received a lot of strange looks during my McDonald's photo shoot.)

18. A "verboten" sign -

19. A beach - It's as tiny as it looks. It's in Green's Park.

20. A cityscape - Downtown Lake Orion.

22. Something goofy - We were driving down the road yesterday and I saw him. I had to take as many photos as I could while we were sitting at the stop light. I am not sure why but his head and facial hair are half shaven, but my guess is for Red Wings ice hockey tickets.

** What was almost my goofy photo - a store window display.

23. Something carved - A lovely mask from our friend in South Africa.

24. An eye - My third lovely daughter's eye.

25. Something rural - I grew up farming and all that comes with it. I love taking photos of old barns. I knew this one would be perfect for the scavenger hunt.


  1. Well there ya go. I can leave a comment now. I love your photo's and I'm glad you got yours done too. I love the barn's as well. Our's here are very different. We don't have romantic one's like you do!

    I've got mine up, minus your stamp. Don't feel can't control USPS or Australia post!! I think it will come today, and I'll just sneak it in!

    Boo :)

  2. the souvenir and the manhole are great! i had to be creative with my phone booth and fire department shots hehe... do drop by mine!

  3. nice shots...the fire and water fotos are my favorites!


  4. Your 'something goofy' is the best of them all! Truly!

  5. Boo ~ Thanks for suggesting I join. :) I can't believe the stamp is still in transit.

    Sakaigirl ~ Thanks! :)

    Ria ~ I love the manhole cover. Lucky me, it's in my front yard. :)

    BG ~ Those are two of my favorite photos, too.

    Ang ~ Yes, he is definitely 'goofy'! I was so lucky to capture that photo. :)

  6. I love your souvenir! My daughter just brought me a wee little pair on a key chain - from Amsterdam! Your communication device is awesome. But your GOOFY is fabulous!!!

  7. Ugh, I almost missed to come over here, sometimes I loose track and yesterday sure wasn't my day :D

    I love the souvenir shot. I always loved "Clocks" -0 just not to wear them :D
    The manhole cover is beautiful! It's fun to see what everyone found :)
    Oups for the phone :( But at least you still have it!

    That half shaven Dude is hilarious :D

    Hippies use side door?!

    I totally love those kind of barns!

    Well done and glad you amde it :D!

  8. I knew I forgot one - thanks for the German flag :D!

  9. I think you hit the jackpot with that goofy shot. bwaaa ha ha ha ha ha!

  10. i like 7 and 12. I am surprised the fire department looks so basic. The phone in a phone booth seems a creative idea :)

  11. Nice collection. My favourite is the swan but I do like your creative ideas - I really like that fish, and the phone booth is genius! (I had similar strange looks taking my communication device shot on the train, but hey - who cares?!!

  12. So cool! What a neat idea, I may have to try this out :)
    Your pics are fab, as always Kelly! Love em! I have to ask...what on eath is a "street mirror"? I've never heard of this before - what is it's purpose? To see behind you? For pedestrians to check their hairdo? I'm a bit confused, lol (not difficult, I know!).

  13. Melli ~ I almost didn't find my old phone to take the picture. I was searching frantically and found it at the last minute. I love my old phone. :)

    Nicole ~ Thanks for letting me join. I had a great time searching for the items on the list. I wish I would have been a little more creative with some of my photos, but am pleased with my collection. :)

    I have a bunch of old barn photos on my blog. I will be adding more as I find these old treasures. Your welcome for the German flag. :)

    Pam ~ I know, he does look goofy! People will do almost anything here for playoff hockey tickets...this is proof! He won 3 playoff tickets for the 'best playoff beard' and then shaving half of it off.

    Bengbeng ~ Yes, the fire departments are basic looking. Photos 7 & 12 are two of my favorites.

    Janice~ Thanks. The fish was in a pop out book. It was so neat! I thought the phone in a booth was a good idea. :)

    Jackie ~ Thank you. I always love hearing your comments.

    A street mirror is used to help see where you can't completely without putting yourself in danger. My street mirror is at the end of a drive. If they pull out far enough to see they could possibly get into an accident, but by looking into the mirror they can see the road is clear. :) Pedestrians could check their hair, too!