Thursday, February 12, 2009


On Monday, my dad's home was sold in a sheriff's sale. We knew this would happen, but it doesn't make it any easier to prepare for or accept. I think he has handled it better than I am, and I know he doesn't like it anymore than I do. For lack of a better way to describe the situation, it sucks.

I remember the house and land like I visited yesterday, but in reality I haven't been there in almost two years. The property is off a winding country road and it was a beautiful, secluded and peaceful place. The house sat atop a steep hill and the land had trees and rolling pasture, perfect for my horses. There was a small red horse barn with two big stalls and an area for hay. To the south of the property over the fence and down a steep wooded hill there was a creek, on really quite nights you could hear the water flowing. It was wonderful to sit in the yard and listen to the birds during the day and go out at night and look at the moon and stars. At night, sitting on the hill I swear it felt like you could reach up and touch the stars...they felt that close.

The neighbors were wonderful people. They would help clear the driveway of snow in the winter or build fence in the summer if needed. Mr. and Mrs. Christy would check in on my mom while my dad was working and then on my dad after my mom passed. They were the kind of people everyone needs as neighbors as they genuinely cared about others and would do whatever they could to help. The other neighbors were as nice, it's just the Christy's were always there if you needed them.

I know it's just a place and that I probably shouldn't be as sad as I am, but I am sad...very sad. This place was home. It wasn't just a house or a piece of property to me and my parents. I know I still have the memories, but it's hard to know I can't go 'home' ever again.


  1. That is very sad news.. I feel terrible for you..

    It sounds like a wonderful are very lucky to have had that kind of property in your family..


  2. I'm so sorry, I know it must be hard. I know what it's like to feel like you are "home"...My parents' place is like that to me. They keep talking about selling and buying something smaller, now that they're alone in the house, but just the thought breaks my heart! I hope you are able to find peace with the sale...*hugs*