Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A homeless man.

There is a homeless man who 'lives' in our area. I see him on his bicycle holding what I presume are his belongings in a trash bag and dragging the edge of a very dirty blanket on the ground. On rainy and snowy days he wears a pair of big yellow boots...the kind a firefighter wears and holds a black umbrella shielding himself from the weather. He is now wearing a hat, gloves and insulated overalls to help keep him warm in our winter weather.

Every time I see him, I wonder what his name is and what circumstances led him to be homeless. I wonder if he has family and if they know he's homeless or even care. I wonder how he keeps warm and if he gets to eat everyday.

I know if I were homeless I would hope and pray that someone would help me, do you think he feels the same?

1 comment:

  1. I am sure he does.. but he has probably had to toughen himself up to survive..

    It is very sad.. always makes me grateful for all my blessings..We may not be rich, but I have a roof over my head and a hot meal in my tummy every night.. makes me very wealthy...